The Forum and SAWEI Profiled in International Book on LGBT Business

  • Created : May, 24, 2021
  • Last Updated: Nov, 30, -0001

Johannesburg, February 2021: The book, “GaYme changer”, by researcher and author Jens Schadendorf, profiles true ga(y)me changing development. Schadendorf embeds his research in stories from around the world, supported by up-to-date research on the rise of LGBT+ equality in the global economy and how a fast increasing number of entrepreneurial individuals, companies and many other organizations are working for the next level. It is the first book of its kind globally.

The inaugural SAWEI project and its lead, Luke Andrews, are profiled in detail in the chapter focused on South Africa. The Forum was fortunate to spend time with the inspirational and knowledgeable Schadendorf, who travelled to South Africa to attend the SAWEI results event in June 2018.


The book is available in both German and now in English. The link for orders and worldwide delivery: The book is also available, in all relevant ebook formats from today, including, for example, Kindle, Apple books, Google books, Kobo etc.


“ GaYme Changer is a unique overview of the rise of LGBT+ inclusion in global workplaces and beyond. With rich stories and background analysis, it demonstrates how LGBT+ equality is not only a moral imperative but also a dynamic driver of growth, culture change, and business success. Jens Schadendorf’s book is an insightful and compelling read – essential for every leader and those driving inclusion at all levels.”

– Antonio Zappulla, CEO, Thomson Reuters Foundation

“It makes business sense to engage for LGBT+ inclusion, and as Jens Schadendof shows, great progress has been made”

– Luke Andrews, Co-Founder, South African LGBT+ Management Forum

“ Global developments and new role models, corporate social responsibility and the economic benefits of LGBT+ diversity and inclusion – all in one. GaYme Changer is unique – a must-read!”

– Professor Christoph Lütge, Peter Löscher Chair of Business Ethics, Technical University of Munich