The Forum Congratulates Open for Business on their 2018 Report: Strengthening the Economic Case

  • Created : Jan, 31, 2018
  • Last Updated: Jan, 31, 2018


The report makes an evidence-based business case for LGBTI+ inclusion to demonstrate that successful businesses thrive in diverse, inclusive societies and that the exclusion of LGBTI+ rights runs counter to business success and economic development. The report brings together a broad base of research undertaken from different perspectives and covering different geographies and sectors, and identifies themes that are globally relevant.

The theme for Open for Business’ 2018 report focuses on a compelling dimension of the economic case: cities. Cities have become a top priority for policymakers and politicians around the world because of their potential to drive economic growth. This report presents the evidence that open and diverse cities are more competitive by introducing the Open for Business City Ratings, which provide a consolidated view of how open for business a city is. It is a guide to which cities are open, progressive and competitive – and which are not. An open for business city is a globally connected, welcoming place for people from all types of backgrounds, including LGBTI+ people.

This is the second report from the Open for Business coalition, and The Forum team congratulates them on their continued global efforts towards LGBTI+ inclusion and looks forward to using some of the report findings for our work in South Africa.

Three South African cities were inluced in the report: Johannesburg scored a CC (low), Durban a CCC (low) and Cape Town a B (lower medium) which means we have much work to do South Africa!

Please find the full report here.