The Forum Hosts Workshop at World's Largest LGBT+ Conference

  • Created : Oct, 03, 2021
  • Last Updated: Oct, 03, 2021

Johannesburg, October 2021: The annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit is the largest LGBT+ conference in the world, with more than 5,000 attendees every year. It brings together executives, ERG leaders and members, and HR and DEI professionals and experts – all working for LGBT+ equality. It is run by the US organisation Out & Equal.

This year, the South African LGBT+ Management Forum ("the Forum") has been invited to present a workshop during the event. Our workshop is entitled "Multidimensional inequality in the workplace: Lessons from South Africa”. In this workshop the Forum directors explore the historical legacy of apartheid on socio-economic inequality and on LGBT+ rights, the importance of the workplace as a heterogeneous and diverse place of interaction, and the five lessons that can be learnt from South Africa in tackling intersectional inequality. We draw on our own experiences, our research, and findings from three rounds of SAWEI. 

"It was a real pleasure putting Africa on the map at such an globally renowned event" said Farai Morobane, Director of the Forum, "often it is assumed that best practice on LGBT+ equality starts in the more developed economies of North America and Europe and flows southwards, but we want to change this narrative and highlight how South Africa can be an important case study in understanding and navigating diversity in the workplace".

Luke Andrews, Director of the Forum and SAWEI lead said: "By running SAWEI, we've been able to get a unique glimpse into what our leading companies are doing on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace. We are pleased to take this learning to the global stage."

This year’s conference runs from 6-8 October 2021. You can register here: 2021 Out & Equal Workplace Summit - New Registration